Amino Acid Complex

You wont find this combination of all the amino acids in any other capsule.

Ingredients per capsule:
L-Glutamic Acid 40mg,
L-Leucine 40mg,
L-Lysinse 40mg,
Alfalfa 35mg,
L-Alanine 20mg,
L-Arginine 20mg,
L-Aspartic Acid 20mg,
L-Cysteine HCI 20mg,
L-Cystine 20mg,
L-Glutamine 20mg,
Glycine 20mg,
L-Methionine 20mg,
L-Phenylalanine 20mg,
L-Serine 20mg,
L-Threonine 20mg,
L-Tyrosine 20mg,
L-Valine 20mg,
L-Taurine 20mg,
L-Histidine 10mg.

Not Suitable for Vegetarians